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Canine Cooler helps your pets stay cool by dissipating heat from the blood supply running close to the surface of the body. The Did you know your pet is probably hot all year round – even in winter?
Keep your pet cool and comforable with the original Canine Cooler. Made with Soothsoft Technology, the Canine Cooler creates a cool, comfortable place for your beloved pet to lay down. Helps ease joint pains for your older pet and keeps younger active pets cool.
Canine Cooler is a well made, high-quality product, which has a number of unique design features:

– Medical grade materials provide safety and durability.
– Vacuum seal keeps hot air out and the patented core functioning at its coolest.
– Soft, comfortable, flexible surface wipes clean and is allergy free.
– Does not need refrigeration.
– Once activated the Canine Cooler will keep on working without the need to activate again.

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Canine Cooler pet bed

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